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  • about ActiveRecovery Asia

    Active Recovery Asia is a Full Service Distribution Company dedicated to providing the best source of hydration, energy and nutrition to those living an active lifestyle.

    We serve all customers, from direct consumers looking to stock up at home or retailers looking to partner up with some of the fastest growing brands in the functional beverage market.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to always exceed expectations and to offer only the best functional beverages and foods in order to support the lifestyles and needs of our customers.

    Our VISION

    Our vision is to establish Active Recovery Asia as the premier distributor of the best drinks for energy, health, and fitness in the Asian market while holding onto our core values.


    Put the Health of Our Customers First

    As part of our commitment to our customers, we strive to deliver products that help them take care of their bodies, improve their health, and reach their fitness goals.

    Offer the Highest-Quality Products

    In order to always do right by our customers, we partner with leading brands in the functional beverage industry to offer the best drinks for energy, fitness, and overall health.

    Take Ownership and Always Improve

    Active Recovery Asia embraces an ownership mentality — to be proactive in ensuring we bring you the best products and produce positive results. We take the initiative to improve our service, our product selection, and our overall accountability.

  • about our brands

    At Active Recovery Asia, we offer a wide variety of functional food and beverages from different brands. We’re partnered with some of the fastest growing names in the U.S. to help make their products more accessible in the Asian market.

    Whether you’re looking for a post-workout recovery, a protein shake, nitro cold-brew coffee or a clean energy drink, Active Recovery Asia has the best products for your needs.

Newsletter Background